From September 13 to September 19, 2021.

India and Singapore announced linking of payment systems.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announces a space startup.


  • Settings → Cast (if not found, search for it in settings)
  • On the top-right corner click on three dot menu and check Enable Wireless Display.
  • Open Connect app. Search for the app.
  • Your phone model name will be displayed and click on it.

Photo by Sean Stone on Unsplash

Some of the cool video games you can find online


Problems with software projects

  1. Globalization causes more competition making your idea old.
  2. Updating old systems and infrastructure.
  3. Limited software knowledge expertise.
  4. Multiple user requirements.
  5. 3rd…

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  1. Both the viewers need to have Amazon Prime subscription for accessing watch party.
  2. At present this feature is only available on the web.


Image of Naval Ravikant, an investor in the Silicon Valley. Image source — Business Insider

For secure notepad — Standard Notes.

Prasanth Medicharla

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